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NEWS 24 JAPAN LIVE is a commercial television news network in Japan run by TV Asahi Corporation. ANN is the broadcast supplier of news programmes and news exchange to all ANN-affiliated stations. It also operates the 24-hour satellite and cable news channel Asahi Newstar.

Nippon News Network (NNN) is a Japanese commercial television network owned by Nippon Television, which itself is controlled by the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper. The network’s responsibility includes the syndication of national television news bulletins to its regional affiliates, and news exchange between the stations.  ( Source )


NNN also operates NTV News24, a 24-hour news channel available on subscription television platforms.

Initially a triple affiliate of NET (TV Asahi), Fuji TV and Nippon Television. It was affiliated to the network until 1981, when TNN (now TeNY) started broadcasting, taking over NTV’s schedule from NST, causing it to become a primary affiliate of Fuji TV. TV Asahi programming remained on the station until 1983, when NT21 (now UX) launched.

Was affiliated to NTV prior to NNN’s creation. Switched to ANN full-time in 1973, owing to a conflict with Chukyo Television Broadcasting.

Established as an affiliate of Nippon Television, Nihon Educational Television and Fuji TV, joining their respective general and news networks later on. Four years after joining NNN, Miyagi Television took NNN’s programming from OX, causing it to become a primary affiliate of Fuji TV. TV Asahi programming moved to KHB when it launched in 1975. In July 1952, Nippon TV was granted the first TV broadcasting license in Japan. The Nippon Television Network Corporation was established in October of the same year.[2] On August 28 1953, Nippon Television signed on as Asia’s first commercial TV station with an animated dove spreading its wings in the logo (similar to NBC’s peacock logo introduced three years later). Japan’s first television commercial (for Seikosha clocks) also aired at the same time